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ABCs of Science  by  Charles Oliver

ABCs of Science by Charles Oliver
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Yes, it was written over 100 years ago, and yes that was a different time, but that still does not even begin to account for the atrocities contained within this mercifully short book.Heres an example, Miss Helen Kellar is one if the best known for telepathy. She was born blind, also deaf and dumb. Forget the bad science here, the history is bad too! She was born normal and became blind and deaf because if a childhood disease.Let us also all be glad that this scenario is not true: Vegetable matter began to flourish as its semen became concentrated, likewise animal matter.

And later, Babies were nourished in the semen deposits...and crawled around over the crust of the deposit where they came feeding on its crust by putting it into their mouths.Im off to scrub my brain with bleach now...

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