Essay Writing Canadian Students W/Rdgs 6th Kay L. Stewart

ISBN: 9780132282840

Published: June 24th 2008


592 pages


Essay Writing Canadian Students W/Rdgs 6th  by  Kay L. Stewart

Essay Writing Canadian Students W/Rdgs 6th by Kay L. Stewart
June 24th 2008 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 592 pages | ISBN: 9780132282840 | 4.36 Mb

It’s a long way from the dry, flat plains of West Texas to Vancouver Island, Canada, setting for the first two Danutia Dranchuk mysteries,A Deadly Little ListandSitting Lady Sutra.Its even farther to the limestone hills of Englands Peak District, setting of the most recent in the series, [Unholy Rites], co-written with my English-born husband, Chris Bullock (not the same as the Goodreads author Chris Bullock!).Chance, luck, and a little planning took me from Lubbock, Texas (home of Buddy Holly and the Texas Tech Red Raiders) to its northern cousin, Calgary, Alberta.

A three-year layover for graduate studies at the University of Oregon kindled my passion for the Pacific Northwest, which wasn’t fulfilled until I left my teaching position at the University of Alberta to write full time.The first Danutia Dranchuk mystery,A Deadly Little List, had its genesis when Chris and I decided to collaborate on a writing project that would be fun—not a notable quality of the academic writing we’d done together.

Salt Spring Island, only a short ferry ride away from our summer retreat, proved to be a perfect setting. The landscape of Vancouver Island, with its infinite variety and Mediterranean climate, bewitches me as much as it does my Prairie-born main character.My protagonist is braver about facing physical danger than I could hope to be, but we share a passion for justice. Her job leads her to focus on her duty within the criminal justice system. I like the scope crime fiction gives me to explore questions of social inequality and social justice.As well as writing mysteries, I have published short stories and co-authored two textbooks widely used in Canadian colleges and universities,Essay Writing for Canadian StudentsandForms of Writing.

Personal essays appear in two collections of women’s writing I co-edited with Caterina Edwards, Eating Apples and Wrestling with the Angel.I have two grown children, three granddaughters, and no pets. I have served as National Vice President and President of Crime Writers of Canada, and as co-chair of the 2011 Bloody Words Mystery Conference. I am also a member of Sisters in Crime and the Federation of B. C. Writers. I gave up gardening for organizing (anything except my desk).

As I stare out my window at the ever-changing waters of the Gorge Waterway in Victoria, British Columbia, I wonder where Danutia’s adventures will take us next.

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