My Step Dad and Uncle Too Sapna Patel


Published: May 18th 2013



My Step Dad and Uncle Too  by  Sapna Patel

My Step Dad and Uncle Too by Sapna Patel
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After completing school, Amanda found a job in her step dad and uncle’s firm and she started working as the secretary. She had fucked him once but always looked forward to doing it once again. So she got her chance to do so during a staff outing and to make matters even better, she also had an opportunity of fucking Uncle Brian at the same time.

The day was simply explosive.For Adults Only - This Adult Short Story(4100 words) is loaded with, hot, graphic sex including oral sex, anal sex, group sex, double penetration (dp) and more! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.Excerpt:-Once Amanda walked into the office everyone stopped what they were going and stared at her. She was shod in a short black skirt revealing her graceful legs as she walked straight towards the president’s office.

She had her matching briefcase as she walked and ignored the prying eyes. If this wasn’t a professional setting some of the men who were staring could have whistled and said hi, but they chilled out since their jobs were more important to them so they opted to behave themselves.The outgoing secretary was making a phone call when she saw her. She beamed and wrapped up the conversation before she went forward and greeted her with a happy face.

As she rose from her chair, Amanda realized why she was being replaced on a temporary basis. Catherine, as she later introduced herself was heavily pregnant and needed a break from her work since she was almost giving birth. And since Amanda had just finished her training, her step dad, who also like her, chose her as the immediate replacement.“Hey, I am glad you came just on time. I will be giving you the orientation on what you are expected to do.”Amanda was grateful since she was kind and patient enough to answer her stupid questions all the time.

Once they were done with the orientation, Catherine had to leave since it was about time she did. She had cleared her desk and made sure that everything was ready for her to move in.Amanda took her place and admired the office.

This was really a dream come true. She never imagined that she was ever going to have that opportunity to work in such a big firm so she just took her time to take it all in at once. This was all she ever wanted and it was being granted to her on a silver plate. The men were also classy and very gorgeous as opposed to those she used to fuck in college who were broke and only wanted to fuck girls and dump them.

If all went well, maybe she could get one of these yummy men and date him.

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