Ever Bold To Battle Wrong Ewa Unoke


Published: February 2nd 2006

Kindle Edition

307 pages


Ever Bold To Battle Wrong  by  Ewa Unoke

Ever Bold To Battle Wrong by Ewa Unoke
February 2nd 2006 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 307 pages | ISBN: | 3.66 Mb

They are rising, - all are rising. The black and white together!--The Little Black Boy of AtlantaAdvocating for restorative justice- racial harmony and reconciliation constitute Howard University’s vision for a better society. Since 1867, Howard’s leaders have come from diverse backgrounds--theologians, army generals, educators, philosophers and lawyers. However, what is common to all of them is their transformational leadership skill.

Under their leadership, Howard has produced leaders for the Black World and the Developing Nations more than any other institution of Higher Learning worldwide.In this anthology, Ewa Unoke, a Bison, assembles great inspirational quotations from Howard’s leaders in honor of Alma Mater’s educational philosophy - Leadership for America and the Global Community. The choice of short quotable quotes is consistent with the African philosophical use of aphorisms and proverbs instead of exposition. As the Africans say, the words of our ancestors are words of wisdom, the wise man or woman listens and gets wiser.Black liberation education and transitional justice will likely serve as millennial prescriptions for world peace and security because tomorrow is uncertain but today is soon enough, according to an Igbo metaphor, Onyema-echi.Dr.Ewa Unoke shares with us his favorite mantras for freedom from his Alma Mater, Howard University.

Let all who read them be leaders like Gandhi who “gently shake the world” until the “table of brotherhood” that Dr. Martin Luther King talked about becomes a reality. Peace is within our grasp if we only reach out and grab the hand of the person who needs a hand up. If we all did that, all around the world, justice for all would be more than just a dream. It is a goal worth striving for. Truly, it is a dream worth dying for.--Karen Hernandez, Human Rights ActivistEwa, your admiration for the Howard spirit comes through loud and clear. All of America should know more and learn more from Howard.--Dr.

Charles Reitz, Professor of Philosophy, Ethics and Logic

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